Security Consultancy

Security Consultancy


If desired, Business Security Company (BSC) can create an overview of your supply chain risks. After a security audit (with a baseline measurement and a review of the existing security measures) BSC will perform a risk assessment to identify and evaluate the potential risks. Based on the risk analysis, BSC provides an advisory report with recommendations for securing your warehouse facility or valuable transports, taking into account your specific wishes. If desired, BSC can develop and implement various essential Organizational, Structural, Electronic and Reactive (O-B-E-R) security measures.

Secure warehousing or in-transit storage

The BSC security consultants are specialized in advising security measures with regard to the storage and transport of so-called High Value Theft Targeted cargo (HVTT). BSC can support the Logistic Service Provider (LSP) in the security audit to obtain a TAPA Transported Asset Protection Association) certifications: ‘TAPA Facility Security Requirements FSR’, ‘TAPA Truck Security Requirements TSR’ or ‘TAPA Parking Security Requirements PSR’ . BSC can also perform a pre-audit prior to the certification process. This GAP analysis provides the client with insight into the measures that still need to be adjusted in order to meet the aforementioned TAPA requirements.

Supply Chain Security

“Transport Security refers to measures to keep it’s passengers and employees save, to protect the carriers equipment, and to make sure other violations do not occur.”

Business Security Company (BSC) can support you with regard to the security of your entire supply chain. Supply chain security refers to measures to optimize the security of the entire chain from production to delivery to the customer of your products. It is a combination of traditional supply chain management combined with current security requirements that depend on your specific risks. Given the growth and complexity of supply chains, companies also face greater security risks and compliance challenges.

BSC can be helpful in each of these facets, depending on the clients wishes in a greater or smaller extent. In addition to performing security audits, for example compile several (alarm follow-up) procedures or training and screening your staff.
BSC can also act as a coordinator/liaison, on behalf of the client, between the various parties (stakeholders) involved in the supply chain; warehouse, distributor, cross-dock, transport company, Private Emergency Center (PAC), Police, etc.