Security escort

Security Escort

Business Security Company (BSC) accompanies and secures transport of valuables in all shapes and sizes from starting point to final destination, both nationally and internationally, by deploying security escort and monitoring transports through extensive procedures or a combination of both. Given its many years of experience in providing security escorts, BSC has all the necessary knowledge, logistical capacity and resources to accomplish the clients wishes.

All BSC security guards to be deployed have at least the security guard diploma and have also completed the internal training ‘Transport Security Officer’. In addition, they have completed additional driving skills training, which means that they continue to act adequately under various circumstances and in various traffic situations.
Meanwhile, BSC’s employees have gained many years of knowledge and experience, within and outside Europe, on land, at sea or in the air. BSC also has the option of carrying out the execution of transports to overseas areas with a colleague security organization on site, which takes over the transport after, for example, a ferry crossing.
BSC understands that it is not always possible to indicate well in advance that the client wishes to make use of a security escort (ad hoc). The BSC office is available 24/7/365 and employees can be deployed at short notice. Depending on your wishes, security escorts can be performed by 1 or 2 security guards in an unobtrusive vehicle.
The security escort uses, among other things, navigation and communication tools, a dashcam and an advanced mobile GPS Tracking & Tracing system, equipped with a panic button.

The Transport Security Officer can also be used as a courier for the special delivery of documents or other important items to limit the risk of theft, damage or delay.


“Cargo theft is one of the top threats to the supply chain. It hits road transport – and drivers – especially hard as cargo is most vulnerable while in transit.”
BSC has developed a cost-saving concept for the security of High Value Cargo. This ‘BSC Transport Security Concept’ concerns a security method of Policies and Procedures, in which established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), protocols, communication procedures and monitoring of GPS tracking systems are integrated in order to be able to secure the transports as much as possible without the use of Security Escorts. . Implementing the ‘BSC Transport Security Concept’ can in some cases be a financially attractive alternative to deploying Security Escorts.

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