Business Security Company (BSC) has many years of experience in developing and providing various theoretical and practical training courses for the security and research industry.

If you have a specific training or education wish for your organisation, for example related to a specific threat, circumstance or problem, you can contact BSC for customization. On request, standard training modules can be supplemented with individual customer requirements or developed a complete training course for your organization.

Transport Security Officer

A High Risk Transport Security Officer (TSO) ensures a smooth and successful completion of the transport process of high-value goods (transport security). Given the vulnerability of the high value cargo during a transport, it makes it an attractive target for malicious parties. In addition to the wish of owners to have their property transported safely, insurers also impose additional requirements on such transport. As a result, there is a growing demand for qualified Transport Security Officers who accompany the transport (Security Escort) and thus guarantee the safe transport of these goods.

The target group for this 2-day training is security guards who already perform security escorts, or who aspire to such work. In the training several subjects are practiced practically. After the training, the TSO can prepare, execute and report a High Risk transport (Security Escort).

Security Awareness/Threat Awareness

“Transport Security refers to measures to keep it’s passengers and employees save, to protect the carriers equipment, and to make sure other violations do not occur.”

BSC provides education and training to optimize Security/Threat Awareness within an organization. The training courses are suitable for various target groups, in the transport and/or logistics sector, for example for directors, management, employees and professional drivers. BSC’s aim is that the participant, after following a training or education, is able to recognize and combat safety risks, in order to prevent or limit the consequential damage as much as possible.

Several topics are discussed interactively in the training. This includes crime awareness, crime prevention, information security and observation. The training will at all times be tailor-made and tailored to the day-to-day business and specific work situation within your company and/or position within the company. Various (threat) scenarios aimed at your company will be discussed during the training.

In terms of content, this training (and the trainers) also meets the requirements as stated in the TAPA Facility Security Requirements for your possible TAPA certification.