Transport SECURITY

BSC Transport Security

BSC accompanies and secures valuable transports (national and international) from starting point to final destination. BSC has developed a program for the security of transport. Among other things, through the use of Standard Operating Procedures (security procedures) in combination with the use of GPS tracking systems. In addition, if desired, physical security by deploying a security escort. The Security Consultancy department has experience in performing a Facility Security Audit (in accordance with TAPA requirements) in the logistics sector.

Security Escort

Business Security Company (BSC) accompanies and secures valuable transports from start to end destination, both nationally and internationally, by deploying security escort and by monitoring transports through extensive procedures or a combination of both.

Security Consultancy

BSC can support the Logistic Service Provider (LSP) with the security audit to obtain one of the TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) certifications. Based on the risk analysis, BSC provides an advisory report with recommendations for the security of, for example, your warehouse facility or valuable transports, taking your specific wishes into account.

GPS Tracking & Tracing

To secure people, transports and loads (high value cargo), BSC uses various advanced GPS Tracking & Tracing systems, equipped with panic button and built-in microphone. Fully adjustable, according to the clients wishes.


BSC has many years of experience in compiling and providing various training courses for the security and research branch. Specifically regarding transport security; Transport Security Officer, Security-/Threat awareness & Robbery Response, if desired in accordance with the TAPA requirements.


Business Security Company BV (BSC)

Recognized by the Ministry of Justice since 1993 under license number ND 652 and number POB 175.


Register Transport Security Officer (RTSO)

The BSC register Transport Security Officer (RTSO) is owned by Business Security Company BV (BSC).

Security & Investigations Rapid Response Team (SIRRT)

By using our own SIRRT, BSC is able to be on site in the shortest possible time.

security audit

BSC can perform a security audit for you, after which the GAP analysis provides insight into the measures to be taken to optimize the security of your facility.